We respect our past,

we build our future!


Revecca is a limited liability company registered in Cyprus.

It is based in the village of Ayios Mamas in Commandaria Region. The company’s Mission is to promote the development of Ayios Mamas by producing and make known traditional products and especially Commandaria Wine and by participating in development projects related with the village’s history and tradition.

Our vision is to become the cornerstone of Ayios Mamas development!

Commandaria is a sweet wine produced in the island of Cyprus since 4000 years ago. It is produced by two types of indigenous Cyprus grapes, the local red “mavro” and “xinisteri”. The initial references about Commandaria are going back to ancient Greek poet Homer who mentions a sweet wine produced in Cyprus.

The production recipe remains unaltered throughout all these years. The grapes are layed under the sun from twelve to seventeen days.

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